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Our Covid 19 Guidelines


If you have Covid symptoms or believe that you may have been exposed to infection, please don't come to our shows .  

We are now going to gradually increase the number of seats at our gigs until we achieve our maximum capacity - as you may be aware we have been struggling for a while with smaller audiences, and while the quality of our shows has not been reduced it has been difficult paying our artist a respectable sum for their services.


 Obviously this means that social distancing will be reduced to levels prior to Covid 19. We hope you will feel comfortable with this and we will listen to you if you have concerns.   While wearing masks will not be insisted on, if you feel more comfortable wearing one when moving around the premises and thereby showing your respect for others, we encourage you to please do so.  

Prior to coming to a gig please make sure you are not infectious and wherever possible take a Lateral Flow Test to put everyone's mind at rest.  We are not insisting you do this, but are just asking you to be kind and thoughtful and do it for the safety of everyone else and for our staff.   If you test positive within twenty four hours of a show send us a picture of the test and we will sort any problems with your ticket.       

We do our best to ventilate the hall both before, during and after the performance  and hand sanitising liquid is available around the venue.


Our Non-Talking Policy


We respectfully request that you do not hold conversations when the musicians are playing as not only is this distracting to other audience members, it can also be a distraction to the musicians during quiet passages.  Everyone who is attending a show has paid for a ticket to see and, most importantly, hear the musicians playing.  The musicians will also appreciate your listening to the music they are creating.   So please show respect to both the audience members around you and to the musicians by not having any conversations when they are playing.  If you want to talk, either wait for a break or take it outside.

Whilst we are on about keeping quiet, please make sure you set your mobile phones to silent or vibrate during performances.

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