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Brent Hutchinson - Blues in Britain

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The SPIKEDRIVERS - 26 April 2019












A Spikedrivers gig wouldn't be complete without some of the favourites and many of them were included. "Little Red Rooster", "Train Done Gone", Blue Trash", "Young & Stupid", "Steady Rollin' Train", "Shake Your Hips", "Two Left Feet", Layin' Down Lincolns", "Stop Breakin' Down Blues" etc. From the latest album, hot off the press, were "Across The Water", "We Wonder Why" and the encore (and surprise of the night), George Gershwin's "Summertime". The first live version of that song, I heard back in 1960 sung by Ella Fitzgerald.

A terrific night, enjoyed by all who attended. If this band happen to come your way, and if you've not seen them, make sure you get a ticket for a night you'll be glad you experienced."

.......... ALAN CHILDS

"Back in January, we saw the birth of Emsworth Blues Club, a smallish but comfortable venue, primarily set up to feature acoustic shows. Brent Hutchinson had the privilege of opening the club and since we have been wonderfully entertained by Zoe Schwarz & Rob KoralPete Harris & Jon Vaughan and Mark Harrison.

Last night involved a change of venue for the first of the occasional, full electric gigs. What a gig it was too!! The Spikedrivers came to Chidham Village Hall and proceeded to give us their very own, inimitable style of blues, which went down a storm. I've seen this band quite a few times and have to say that Ben, Constance & Maurice gave as good a performance as I'd previously seen from them. It should be mentioned that this was despite Constance suffering with a bad throat which, by the end of the evening, had become even worse. Well done Constance, you warrior! Besides her bass, she also plays her breastplate washboard, whilst Maurice leaves his kit to play a tea chest & clay-pot for 3 numbers. Throughout there is the strong voice & stunning playing of Ben, either picking, fingerpicking or sliding on his acoustic, six string & twelve string guitars.

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The SPIKEDRIVERS - 26 April 2019

I have seen them since October 2000 one of their first gigs and last night was SUBERB. The sound last night was the best I have ever heard them What a great night😍!!!


The SPIKEDRIVERS - 26 April 2019 - Blues In Britain

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